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What would you feel in your last moment?

What would you feel in your last moment?

I have this theory that the moment when we die, we get to feel all the repercussions of our life. All the good we put out… and all the bad we inflicted. All in that one instant of light as our soul leaves our body. This includes the effects of our conscience choices to help or harm, as well as the unknowing, unconscious effects our actions had.

The head of an oil company that decides to skirt a safety reg. which results in a water pollution disaster and causes harm to the health and well-being of animals and individuals; he gets to feel all of their suffering. Every verbal or physical blow you ever inflicted is felt by your whole being.

At the same time, you also receive the rewards of all the good you put out into the world; from the most courageous acts to the simplest smile that changed someone’s day… or life.  And experience the love and joy you have spent a life time putting out into the world… it would all come back you you in that last instance.

Starting today, how would you change your actions if you knew you would experience the repercussions of your life?

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