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Reference For My Next American Road Trip

Reference For My Next American Road Trip

I’m not sure why I never really got into the idea of road trips until a few years ago. Probably some childhood trauma of being packed in a van with my parents and younger brother on a non-stop drive from Saskatchewan to Florida. My parents seemed to pride themselves on being able to switch drivers without pulling over…. seriously. So rarely to I remember stopping at the “World’s Largest… [fill in the blank], unless it happened to be next to a gas station.

When I finally moved out and was old enough to make my own vacations, wasting precious vacation time in a car getting there did not seem as efficient or fun as flying to someplace within a few hours. Whatever the reason; I did not like road trips.

After spending 8 months on a sailboat, traveling at 4-6 knots across the open ocean, I think I developed a better understanding of time and distance. In the years since my time on the boat, I have come to appreciate the journey *almost* as much as the destination, and have definitely made some lovely memories along the road.

One of those great road trip memories was in 2015, when I flew to Salt Lake City, packed up a car and camping trailer with a good friend, and set off on a week of road tripping through Utah. The scenery was breath taking and the long open roads were a much needed opportunity to connect with a friend. She showed me some of her favorite places, that you couldn’t find on a map. And the small towns along the way provided sweet connections with people who loved to share tips on the local attractions.


thumb_IMG_7527_1024 copyEvening Cocktails on the Edge of the World

thumb_IMG_7524_1024 copySunset in Utahopia

So, I am excited to have found this article – 50 Most Underrated Attractions in Every State. Looking forward check out a few more American attractions the next time I embark on another road adventure.

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