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How easily we fall in love… with a puppy

How easily we fall in love… with a puppy

This past weekend while spending time at a friend’s house, I made the acquaintance of this sweet little girl…


She was rescued from the street a week before, covered in flees and a skin rash. But after a few visits to the vet, and some regular meals, she bounced back to life. She’s actually pretty chill and somewhat of an independent pup; confident and calm.

After everyone else at the party had their turn at cuddling the pup, she sauntered over to me and curled up next to me like we were old pals. And even as the party raged on, she slept in her kennel, just happy to be in the presents of her tribe.

The next morning, she hung nearby while I puttered in the kitchen. I’m sure she’s smart enough to have already figured out where the food comes from. And once she realized there wasn’t any chance of picking up kitchen scraps, she was content to explore the house. After breakfast I found her sitting on the steps with the perfect vantage point to see what was going on on all levels of the house.


Ms. Artemis Bliss


It’s pretty easy to fall in love with a puppy, in fact, I’m pretty sure that is one of their superpowers. She has a wonderful personality too. I managed to resist the urge to adopt her, though I might regret that now that she is no longer staying with my friend. I trust she will find a good home, and for at least one day, she experienced all the love another being could share with her.






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