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Do what you love… or something like that

You can’t have community as an add-on to a monetized life. You have to actually need each other. – Charles Eisenstein

When I asked my friend Mason how his re-entry to the default world was going, he replied “I’m still adjusting to going to a job I don’t love, to make money I don’t need, to buy things I don’t want.”

The ratio of: Monetized transactions vs. personal interactions

I’ve been coming up with excuses as to why this year’s re-entry from TTITD has been a little more emotional challenging for me. One theory is that I’m not running off to the jungles of Costa Rica, which I’ve done every fall for the past 4 or 5 years. This year I am settling into our Reno home while I await the USCIS to grant my temporary green card and travel docs. There is an added layer of complication that I can not earn cash in the US at the moment. So if not money, what gets me out of bed and out of my head…

The answer seems to be, mostly house projects and social meet-ups. I’ve also become quite active as a volunteer in the Reno Arts scene over the past few visits. This October I will be helping out with the first Reno Mural Expo featuring 29 Muralist; local, national, and international. I really love being able to help bring these community events to the public. There is so much possibility for connection and inspiration.

The waiting has also given me time to pause and reassess how I want to re-enter the working world. I’ve been making lists of things I liked (and didn’t like) about past jobs and projects. I’ve been envisioning several scenarios from employee, contractor… employer?!?

What I REALLY want to do is build healthy, vibrant communities that leads to a sustainable and more equitable future though public art and community initiatives. YES!! That’s what I want to do.. oh! and get paid to do it. The how is still in formation.

And while I wait for zeh’pa-pahz, I’ll continue to do what I love.



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