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Directed learning through podcasts

Directed learning through podcasts

When I lived in Canada I could always count on CBC to inform and entertain me. These were the days long before streaming wifi and podcasts. And walking into the kitchen in the morning always included reaching up to turn on the dusty clock radio on top of the fridge and welcome the familiar voices of my day. Programs such as Early Edition, Vinyl Cafe, As It Happens, and the Current would play throughout the day in our apartment. My schedule was often set by it; if I’m still in the house by the time the Current starts, I’ll be late for work! And Sunday morning coffee wouldn’t be complete with out a story from Stewart McLean (Apr. 1948 – Feb. 2017)

I’ve tried NPR as my US alternative, but it just doesn’t have the same connection. And of course, I could stream CBC now, but the local weather and traffic reports just sound weird when I’m not there.

So I’ve joined the 21st century and moved on to podcasts, some of them even CBC podcasts. A lot of them ones friends suggest. And then every now and again, a list is published that adds a few more the the listening list…

Check out these Best Podcasts from 2017, they are American-centric, and some of them are already in my rotation… or been kicked out of my rotation. And I’m sure there will be at least one or two that get added to my favorites.

What are your favorite podcasts?


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